Volunteer Instructions for 2017 (blue text = link) 7/29b

Check in ASAP at the red South Bay Wheelmen tent north of S/F line - Steve or Chuck

Volunteer parking. There is no parking on the course. Lots off 15th St  (e.g. City Hall & Post OFfice/Joslyn Center) are reserved for City workers and Vendors and must display special passes. Cars are towed before 5am Sunday. If you arrive very early (before 5am) for setup, you can access some side streets from Ardmore. Lot 8 is closed. After 5a you can try city lots in the link above (also under "Maps" menu tab), some of which have 10hr limits with credit card meters. Residential side streets have no meters, and any restrictions (obey!) are on signs. But you cannot cross the course from 5a to 5p (see "Maps tab for course map).

Volunteer Assignment Matrix - 7/28. Contact "stevewhitsitt" or "sbwvolunteers" at gmail.com for changes. a = assigned (starting point), x = committed. We are short handed this year as of now, so do as much as you can, and ask around if trustworthy friends would like to score a shirt and some lunch and be eligible (non-SBW volunteers only) for a Beach Cruiser bike drawing. See below for instructions for specific course marshal jobs.

Course Marshal Matrix 7/29c - PDF, updated frequently (date above - refresh browser window) until 2am race day - then see Steve or Chuck in the tent.

Race Protocols/Instructions  especially for course marshals and police - 2017 Rev C
Chuck Watson's updated manual of operations and protocols for course marshals - important for safety - READ! [Reversal of course direction in 2017 impacts these responsibilities]. Here is FYI the MBPD Ops Plan for the race.

Special Instructions - Marshals assigned to 18th, 17th, and 15th Streets (there is no 16th St) in particular must understand the procedure for getting cars out and in to 17th Street (cul-de-sac). Also, Blanche (now used for team car staging), Valley & 15th (staging), 15th & Highland (VIPs) marshals have specific responsibilities.

City Course Map showing team car staging

Here are links to pdfs RevC for these specific job descriptions in handy two-sided format:

Blanche - Team Car Staging (NOT at 15th St this year)

Highland/15th - City employees, Residents, VIPs; No team cars (go to Blanche via Highland/Marine - course map)

Valley/15th - Race staging (Turn 1)

15th St/Ardmore - Cars returning to 17th

17th St/Ardmore - Leaving or returning

18th St/Ardmore - cars leaving 17th

Course Marshal Tips Rev D
Summary of what to bring and how to interact with bystanders - safety first.