Volunteer Instructions for 2017 (blue text = link) 7/19

Volunteer Assignment Matrix (link soon). Contact "stevewhitsitt" or "sbwvolunteers" at gmail.com for changes. a = assigned (starting point), x = committed. We are short handed this year as of now, so do as much as you can, and ask around if trustworthy friends would like to score a shirt and some lunch and be eligible (non-SBW volunteers only) for a Beach Cruiser bike drawing. See below for instructions for specific course marshal jobs.

Course Marshal Matrix tbd 7/25 - PDF, updated frequently (date above - refresh browser window) until 2am race day - then see Steve or Chuck in the tent.

Race Protocols/Instructions  especially for course marshals and police - 2017 Rev B
Chuck Watson's updated manual of operations and protocols for course marshals - important for safety - READ! [Reversal of course direction in 2017 impacts these responsibiliities].

Special Instructions - Marshals assigned to 18th, 17th, and 15th Streets (there is no 16th St) in particular must understand the procedure for getting cars out and in to 17th Street (cul-de-sac). Also, Blanche (now used for team car staging), Valley & 15th (staging), 15th & Highland (VIPs) marshals have specific responsibilities.

City Course Map showing team car staging

Here are links to pdfs for these specific job descriptions in handy two-sided format:

Blanche - Team Car Staging (NOT at 15th this year)

Highland/15th - City employees, Residents, VIPs; No team cars (Blanche)

Valley/15th - Race staging (Turn 1)

15th St/Ardmore - Cars returning to 17th

17th St/Ardmore - Leaving or returning

18th St/Ardmore - cars leaving 17th

Course Marshal Tips Rev C
Summary of what to bring and how to interact with bystanders - safety first.